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Web Enabled Call Center

Most of the businesses today prefer to have a direct call option on their website. So that users may connect to the business with just one click. It allows an online user to make a call through their computer system, which rings in the call center of the business enterprise. And the Agent at the Call Center can satisfy all the queries of the online user and generate sales.
This constitutes the Web Enabled Call Center Service (WECC).

You might have seen something like this on many websites. This feature makes it more convenient conventional phone calling, where the intended user has to note the number from the website and then dial it from their phone.


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The websites of Pure Click companies are enriched with this feature, as after all website is the foundation for their business.


The websites of many Brick and Click companies also have implemented it as it translates into more queries by users, more sales and more profit!


And it is not just Call but also Live Chat option, which most websites offer today. The user can type in their questions in a messenger format, and they receive a reply promptly in real time.

Often when the user does not have an inbuilt microphone in their computer system to make the call, they prefer to chat through instant messenger.

You might have seen this in many websites.

Online Chat Support Service



Online Chat Support

WECC converts the traffic on your website into queries and sales. Otherwise you may not get a rise in your sales and profits despite a rise in traffic!


We at Call Centers India offer holistic WECC services to our clients.


Array of our services:


Inbound Call Center: All the calls which online users make directly from their computer system, land into our Call Center. Here the Agents respond to their queries and eloquently convert the queries into orders.


Web Callback – In case you are not offering a live calling button, then you can also offer the option of call back. The user is asked to enter their phone number, and a suitable time to call. Our Call Center Agents will call them at the specified time within 24 hours.


Web Chat Every visitor on your website is a potential customer. Will you let them go away without even greeting them? Our Live Chat support ensures that every visitor on your website becomes a customer.

And many more


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