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Telemarketing Call Center

Call Center India is the global service provider of dedicated Telemarketing solutions. Our Agents are acknowledged as one of the best in the industry owing to their qualities like -

Our Telemarketing Call Centers compliment your marketing department and we generate profits for your business enterprise.

We proffer the following services to our clients:

Inbound Telemarketing

This is the most preferred and prevalent form of Telemarketing these days, both by customers as well as the enterprises. The Call Center Agents here have to provide alluring answers to the calls by curious customers.
In this form, an initial interest in the product and service is already generated through other new media of advertisement like social platforms or content marketing. So the responsibility of the Inbound Telemarketing Agent is not to give cursory information, but convince the customers for the final purchase of the products. The conversion of callers into actual customers depends on the quality of your Inbound Telemarketing facility and the performance of these agents. We at Call Center India, guarantee you a conversion rate of greater than 80% which means 8 out of 10 callers will become your customers for sure.  

Outbound Telemarketing

This is a tried and tested method of personalized marketing which offers extremely high return on investment. You can integrate our Telemarketing Services with your product launch or product promotion strategy. Rest assured our Agents will garner profits for your enterprise with their persuasive skills of selling. We at Call Center India follow the most ethical and best practices of Telemarketing. DND numbers and those registered on similar lists are never called, and all the lists provided by clients are verified to ensure there is no DND number.

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